Brief Written by Martin Keatings


Today I conducted a walkthrough of the parade route with two officers from Dunfermline police station. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank them for this as it allows us to know exactly what each others responsibilities are on the day.

Our plan for the day has been signed off in full with the police and they are happy for us to proceed.

Several points were agreed which are important to the day.

1. All bikes and cars must be in the carpark vehicle staging area at Viewfield Terrace by 11.45am on the day. This includes both cars and motorcycles. Details on this staging area can be found here

2. The parade will not commence until the police have made Eastport sterile of all traffic at which point the bikes will be the first to move off.

3. The motorcycles will move off at 11am once the all clear has been given by the police to the marshals heading down the high street a few minutes before the parade to setup the honour guard at the glen gates.

4. Next up will be those on foot, followed by the cars behind the parade. This order was decided to make it easier for the vehicles to stay at the same pace as the rest of the parade and also to make it easier on arrival at the park so that the vehicles can park without having to dodge pedestrians.

5. The police have asked us to remind everyone that there may be counter protest. It is extremely important that NOBODY on the parade engage, acknowledge or interact with any counter protestors. The police have made it clear that they will deal with any containment of and/or control of any counter protest as well as any potential trouble should it occur. It is up to the entire parade on our side not to rock the boat and simply walk on by. Please let the police do their job.

6. People should remember that Dunfermline is a dry town and drinking is only permitted in the bars and clubs.

7. People are asked not to park near the Football ground as there is a match on the saturday.


The police have applied no special conditions to the day and in Dunfermline they take a very relaxed approach to the policing of these events when everyone is well behaved (as yessers are).


We’d like to thank Police Scotland for their time and hope that everyone will enjoy the day.