As part of the Forward as One community outreach project, we will be running a food bank drop point at the Rally in Dunfermline next to the operations tent which will be next to the stage.

We would very much appreciate it if those in attendance would consider donating.

We have been in touch with the food bank and they have advised that they are low on stock of the following items.

  1. Tinned Custard
  2. M & F Deodorant
  3. Sugar (500g)
  4. Tinned Rice Pudding
  5. Instant Mash
  6. Long-Life Juice
  7. Tinned Vegetables
  8. UHT Milk
  9. Pasta Sauce
  10. Coffee
  11. Curry Sauce (Jar)
  12. Cheesy Pasta
  13. Shampoo
  14. Shaving Form

They have said that they have enough pasta.