We are proud to announce the very first Sky Diving demonstration at a pro-independence event in Scotland.

On the 1st of September, while the Graham Brown Band opens the event, 4 parachutists from the Strathallan Sky Diving Team will climb to approximately 4000 ft before jumping into Pittencrieff Park.

On the jump will be the following people:-

  • Eddie Jones, Team leader, Tandem Instructor, Parachute Instructor and coach. 6,000 jumps twenty six years jumping.
  • Oscar Ball, Tandem Video man, 800 jumps, Five years jumping.
  • James Gavin, Tandem Video man, 500 jumps, three years jumping.
  • John Finnegan Tandem Instructor, Parachute Instructor and coach. 4,000 jumps twenty-eight years jumping.

In charge of the arena:-

  • Joyce Carter Parachute Instructor and coach. 1,500 jumps twenty years jumping.


A bit about the club:

Scottish Parachute Club, Now known as Skydive Strathallan, was founded in 1960 when the first jump was made by Doc Robertson into Scone Airfield at Perth from a Tiger Moth aircraft. The club has been operating in Scotland ever since, which makes it the oldest, continually operating. parachute centre in the word.

The centre is run by volunteers who give their time and skills for no remuneration, but for the love of what we do.

People can come along and do a Tandem skydive, or a static line course if they want to learn to jump on their own. Please visit our website www.Skydivestrathallan.co.uk for all the information.